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Salt Lake City Comic Con

This post is super late, but after a press conference today with announcements for 2014 cons, that’s right multiple cons, I was rejuvenated with the nerdy awesomeness that was Salt Lake City Comic Con. The 2013 con brought some amazing guests and fun panels. My son walked in a children’s costume parade (hope they bring that back), we met one of the original Power Rangers, I met Stan Lee, and we met some awesome really nice Cosplayers. My biggest critique was that I wished there was something more for the kids. There were some pretty awesome vendor booths that my son loved, but he didn’t recognize any of the guests that were there, besides Walter Jones but that was because we watched a lot of Power Rangers before we went to the con.

At today’s press conference, Dan Farr announced that there will be a kids pavilion at the con (not sure if it is both yet) next year. The press release says, “The Kid Con Pavilion will focus on entertainment and activities for families and children”. I hope that means guest like the cast from Phineas and Ferb, Adventure Time, or other awesome children shows. Who knows, maybe the KCP will just be an area with toys and a screen where they will be showing awesome children’s programming.

Even though today’s press conference was mainly about multiple cons and the guests for April’s con (Norman Reedus, Chandler Riggs, Kelly Hu, etc), I was really excited to see the addition of the Kids Con Pavilion. It was exciting because even thought there was some backlash from attendees about kids being at the con, the promoters showed that they want families to attend (let’s be honest, some of the best costumes were worn by the children). SLCCC is expecting that 100k people will be attending both cons, so if you want to attend you better act fast.

Prices for SLCCC can be found here. And FYI, if you wish to attend April’s con with your children (limit 2 per ticket) you must purchase your ticket(s) before Dec 31 2013, after that children tickets will be $5.

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