Things To Do in SLC part 3 – Parks

SLC is home to 925 acres of parks spread throughout the city. This comes out to 126 individual parks, 58 of which have playgrounds and other amenities for kids of all ages to enjoy. In this post I will be going over a few of the different parks that I have taken my son to. For a complete list of the parks in the SLC area,click here. The three parks I will be discussing are Jordan Park, Liberty Park, and Sugar House Park.

Jordan Park

Located at 1060 S and 900 W in Salt Lake City, Jordan Park is a 33.5 acre park that is home to 2 pavilions, 2 softball fields, 2 volleyball courts, 3 playgrounds, horseshoe pits, a skate park, an off leash dog area, and the amazing International Peace Gardens. One reason I like going to Jordan Park is that they playgrounds are not overflowing with children, so you don’t have to worry about older kids pushing the younger ones. The International Peace Gardens is 12 acres of beautiful gardens that backs up to the Jordan River. The gardens have seen better days, but if you are looking for a nice quiet stroll there is nothing better than the International Peace Gardens. The International Peace Gardens also are the location of the Salt Lake City People’s Market. The People’s Market is considered the lite version of the Downtown SLC Farmer’s Market. With local produce vendors, music, and crafts the People’s Market is a great way to spend part of a Sunday morning/afternoon.

Liberty Park

Located between 900 – 1300 S and 500 – 700 East in Salt Lake City, Liberty Park is the 3rd largest park in SLC at 100 acres. Liberty Park is home to 2 playgrounds,a basketball court, bocce ball courts, sand and concrete volleyball courts, a tennis center, horseshoe pits, a gazebo that overlooks Liberty Lake, a duck and koi pond, the Seven Canyons Fountain, the Liberty Park (Outdoor) Pool, multiple picnic tables and built in grills, pavilions that can be reserved for events, the Liberty Park Greenhouse, the Tracy Aviary, the Chase Home Museum of Utah Folk Art, a concession stand and amusement rides, and to top it off there is a 1.3 mile sidewalk path, a 1.4 mile roller blading path, and a 1.5 mile wood-chip path. Liberty Park has so much to do and it is all FREE!!! This is a park that will take multiple trips to “take it all in”. I say use this summer to explore the entire park, and have fun.

Sugar House Park

Located at 1350 East 2100 South in Salt Lake City, Sugar House Park is the 2nd largest park in SLC at 110.5 acres. Sugar House Park is home to a pond, a creek, 7 pavilions, 7 concrete (next to each pavilion), 3 oversized grass volleyball courts (near the Fabian Lakeside, Big Field and Parley’s Creek pavilions), horseshoe pits (4 sand and grass pits located at Sugar Beet Pavilion and 4 lighted sand and grass pits at the Hidden Grove Pavilion), a baseball/softball field, basketball court with 6 hoops, 2 playgrounds, large soccer field (no nets), a 1.5 mile asphalt jogging path, and a 1.87 mile wood-chip jogging path.To reserve pavilions or equipment click here.

Like I said these are just a few of the amazing parks that Salt Lake City has to offer. Each of these parks has their own uniqueness to them and I hope you take the opportunity explore the parks of Salt Lake City with your children.