Things To Do in SLC Part 2 – Tracy Aviary

Looking for something to do that is fun and educational that is outdoors in SLC city limits? Check out the Tracy Aviary. The Tracy Aviary is located in the South West corner of Liberty Park. Admission is $7 per adult, children 2 and under are free, $5 for children 3-12, $6 for students 13+, 65+, and military. The aviary is packed with exotic birds from around the world. To check out the list of birds that they have on exhibit click here.

The plenty of daily activities to keep your little ones engaged with the learning experience. Everything from the Birds in Flight Encounters to things like throwing fish to the Pelicans ($3 extra). Check out their daily activities page on the aviary’s website to see a big list of daily activities.

One of my son’s favorite things about the aviary was the fact that a lot of the birds were just flying around us. Ducks were walking along the piers right infront of us, the exhibits are close enough that you can get a great glimpse of the birds. Check out the Stay At Home Dads of Utah Facebook photo album to see some of the pictures that I took during our little excursion today.

Today, May 31st, was the start of the new King of the Andes exhibit. This exhibit features a 54 year old Andean Condor. This moster bird is an amazing site to see. There is a little section right next to the exhibit where children can climb around on a carcass frame and measure their wingspan to that of the Andean Condor and other vultures of the Americas.

There are also little learning play places where you and your children can take a rest from walking for a few minutes. These are not on the maps, so you have to keep your eyes open for these areas. Our favorite play place was in the Owl Forest. Not only was it in the shade, but it is a fun tree house that has three sets of binoculars meant to help you find three different sets of metal owls placed in the trees.

Another thing you might find interesting is behind the South American bird building there is a small bird watching station where you can try to locate and name all of the Utah birds. There is a chart to help you identify each bird you find and also a set of binoculars to help you spot these Utah birds.

One other thing that you might want to remember is quarters. Quarters,quarters, quarters.  Make sure and bring some quarters so you can get some food to feed the ducks, and other birds. There are bird feeding stations planted through out the aviary so don’t waste all your quarters at one food station.

I would highly recommend a membership to Tracy Aviary. It’s inexpensive enough that if you are a family of 4 (with children over 2), your membership pays for itself on your 3rd trip. It’s so awesome to have something like this in SLC, and I am happy that I had the chance to take my son there and see the excitement on his face when he saw all the different species of birds. Tracy Aviary is yet another one stop shop for edutainment here in SLC.